A2Billing is a complete solution for any telecoms company wanting to provide residential, business and wholesale voice over IP, calling card services, call-back and DID (telephone number) resale.

A2Billing is open source and freely downloadable software that is backed by a professional support and development network giving commercial users the confidence to build their telecoms business around A2Billing.

VoIP Billing & Termination

Telecom operators using A2Billing can provide VoIP services for residential, business and wholesale customers supporting PC Diallers, Mobile Diallers, IP-PBX systems, class 4 and 5 telecom switches, rating the calls in realtime with flexible postpaid and prepaid billing options, and a full-featured customer portal with online payment options. Read more.

Calling Cards

A2Billing provides both PIN based authentication and PINLESS dialling, with a range of useful functions for calling card customers including auto CID (Caller ID) assignment, automatic signup and voucher refills. Cell-phone and mobile auto-diallers can be supported. Read more.


Call-back services are still popular in many markets, and A2Billing provides both ANI and web based call-back services with a range of billing options, supporting CID and PIN authentication. Read more.

DID Resale

Reselling telephone numbers is supported by A2Billing with flexible charging options for both the A-Leg (ingress) and B-Leg (egress) and include support for revenue share numbers. On-net calls are also supported with integrated billing. DID can be re-directed to both VoIP and PSTN destinations with failover options. Read more.

Case Studies

We have written a number of case studies to illustrate how A2Billing has been deployed in various commercial environments. Read more.