DID Resale

A2Billing is equipped for DID (Telephone Number) resale  and redirection with a variety of charging methods. DID are delivered to the switch from VoIP DID providers or via a PRI. (Primary Rate Interface)

DID Resale

DID Resale

Monthly Subscriptions

Monthly Subscription – a fixed rental for the DID is removed from the customers account on the monthly anniversary of the DID's destination being set up.

A-Leg DID Billing

A-Leg – DID ingress charges are applied per minute. Connection charges can also be applied. Per minute billing can be negative or positive making it suitable for apportioning revenue for revenue share numbers.

B-Leg DID Billing

B-Leg - DID egress charges can be applied for numbers directed to PSTN destinations via A2Billing trunks, or the calls can simply be passed directly to a VoIP destination.

ON-Net DID Billing

On-Net charges can be applied, so that customers can phone each another, and a charge be made for the call, but no carrier charges are incurred, as the DID routes through the platform.

Purchase DID online

Customers can purchase new DID online via the customer portal.

DID Failover

A number of destination priorities can be set up to allow calls to failover to PSTN destinations if the VoIP destination is unavailable. This makes A2Billing particularly suitable for delivering DID reliably to business IP-PBX systems.