A2Billing has the potential to be used in a variety of environments and roles, and many of our customers have come to us for custom development which is usually added into the core of A2Billing and made freely available for all.

However, some customisation work is peculiar to the that customer's application, and it is not appropriate to include it in the core distribution, so we add it here.

Additionally, we are happy to include 3rd party applications and add-ons from other developers. For more information about getting your application included here, please contact us.

This page is also a notice board for proposed development where we, or our customers, are actively seeking sponsorship for a new feature.

Available Add-ons for A2Billing

Professionally Recorded Voice Prompts: Voice prompts in a variety of languages from Westany.

Enterprise Voicemail: Integrating voicemail into A2Billing on either a single server or on a distributed A2billing system with multiple Asterisk servers.

CMS Integration: Integration of WordPress into A2Billing to allow live display of rates.

Limit Concurrent Calls Module: Limit the number of concurrent VoIP calls by customer and DID.

NGN Calling-Card Service: Use revenue share numbers to allow people to make calls to limited destinations without needing to sign up to A2Billing.

A2Billing Dial-plan for Smart-Dialers: Dial-plan for DTMF Smart-Dialers installed on smartphones.

Access Number to Speed-Dial: Map DID's to A2Billing speed-dials for simple-to-use international calling service.

Smartphone VoIP Dialer: Smart-dialer VoIP phone for an Android, iPhone and Windows phone that integrates with the address book and the phone.