A2Billing WordPress Integration

WordPress is a CMS (Content Management System), and allows someone inexperienced in web development to quickly create good looking websites from an initial template of the customer’s choice, and to quickly add, change and remove content via a simple to use web interface.

We integrate WordPress into your A2Billing system, with a suitable template of your choice, with plugins for rates to be displayed directly from the underlying A2Billing database, then provide eight hours of training and support for WordPress.

The CMS integration addon includes:

    • - Installation of WordPress.
    • - Purchase of customer’s chosen template.
    • - Integration into A2Billing.
    • - 8 hours support including WordPress training, support, and customisation.

After installation and some basic training, the customer will be able to add their own content to their website quickly and easily.

Although the CMS system seems initially expensive, the cost savings over having a custom website designed, coupled with the ongoing costs of having a 3rd party developer make updates your site, are substantial.

Cost: €1500 Euro

After purchase, the Star2Billing Team will contact you to make necessary arrangements to access your system and install the module.