A2Billing Dial-plan for Smart-Dialers

A Smart-dialer is an application installed on a smartphone such as an Android or iPhone to make using calling card services simple and easy to use.

A smart-dialer application integrates with the smartphone's address book and phone, and calls the calling card access number, the A2Billing platform recognises the customer by the caller ID, and then presents secondary dial-tone. The smart-dialer automatically sends the DTMF for the number to be called terminated by the # key. A2Billing then dials the number and connects to the called party.

We provide the dial-plan to allow Smart-Dialers to work with A2Billing.

The cost to implement: €100 Euro.

We also provide a Smart-Dialer for Android, see Android A2Billing Smart-Dialer for more details.

Requirements: A DTMF smart-dialer available from either A2Billing or third party developers via App stores installed on the customer's phone which sends DTMF terminated by the #key

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