About us

Star2Billing S.L. was originally formed in 2009 to provide commercial support, installation and training to telecoms companies that wished to deploy use our telecoms software and provide an income stream to assure the future of Star2Billing's products.

Star2Billing now has a range of free and open source products including A2Billing; a telecom switch and billing platform, Newfies-Dialer, an auto-dialer, survey and mass broadcasting platform, CDR-Stats, a CDR (Call Data Record) analysis program, and we have contributed to a number of other Open Source projects.

Star2Billing's open source product range is backed by an experienced business and technical team who support our customers and develop Star2Billing software giving our clients and users confidence to invest time and effort in deploying our products, secure in the knowledge that our software is being continuously improved.

Our motivation behind creating open source software is our belief in quality and community participation.

We do appreciate the time that our users take to contribute bug reports, write documentation, translate the software and help others on the forum. Please see our community pages to get more information on how to participate.

We have relationships with a number of companies who are listed on our Partners Page and can provide services and products to extend the functionality of A2Billing.

We hope that our users will find our creations useful.