We have provided installation and operation instructions with online help to assist you to install and manage your own A2Billing Platform. However from time to time you may need clarification, support or installation services:

Managed Installations: Stable and secure installations can be performed by us with training and deployment support.

Multi-Server High Capacity A2Billing: A2Billing can manage multiple telephony servers allowing greater capacity by adding more Asterisk servers.

A2Billing Hosting: Dedicated hosted servers based in Europe and North America with A2Billing installed and ongoing support provided.

General Support: Paid support is available from Star2Billing by the hour.

A2Billing Add-Ons: A variety of add-ons are available for A2Billing provided by both us and our community members.

Permission to Rebrand: A2Billing is released under the AGPL, however copyright license and author information must be displayed wherever it is shown in the original version.