VoIP Termination and Billing

There are three main customer markets for a VoIP service providers, and A2Billing can provide VoIP billing for all market segments: Wholesale VoIP, providing voice traffic to other VoIP service providers. Business VoIP offering voice traffic for IP-PBX's, billing PABX systems, and VoIP billing for IP-Centrex and hosted PBX systems. Residential VoIP is providing low cost national and international calls to the general public where they connect using a VoIP Phone or ATA.

Wholesale VoIP

Wholesale VoIP termination is broadly similar to any other VoIP termination, except in terms of scale. Other features of wholesale VoIP include authentication by IP address of by prefix code. The VoIP service provider has the freedom to manipulate the caller ID.

Business VoIP

Business VoIP is aimed at terminating and originating calls to IP-PBX systems and providing CDR rating to bill and charge calls. VoIP service providers may include an IP-Centrex product offering. IP-Centrex is another word for multi-tenant or hosted PBX systems that allow a business PABX system to be hosted centrally.

Star2Billing have an IP-Centrex system integrated with A2Billing, please see http://www.star2billing.com/products/ip-centrex/ for more details.

Residential VoIP

Residential VoIP offerings are for end users who want to make low-cost calls via their broadband connection. Pre-pay and post-pay offerings are available via the A2Billing VoIP billing and VoIP rating software and calls are made through a range of VoIP devices including VoIP phones and ATA's.

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