Newfies-Dialer, Open Source Auto-Dialer Software

The Star2Billing Team released have released Newfies-Dialer, free and open source software solution for multi-tenant voice broadcast and auto-dialer applications used for emergency broadcasting (reverse 911), telemarketing and a range other applications.

We announced our work on Newfies-Dialer in April 2011, and after much development and testing, it is ready for production. It is a well rounded product with a great deal of potential for all organisations and telecoms service providers that need to broadcast voice messages to a large numbers of people in a short space of time.
Newfies-dialer : Autodialer software

We have spent a lot of time on documentation for the users, providing a beginner's guide and automated install scripts, and documentation for developers to help them code imaginative voice applications for Newfies-Dialer. For more information, navigate to


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