Suretec Systems Ltd.

“Open source software the key to cost-effective business phone systems” Says Gavin Henry of Suretec Systems.

Suretec Systems have been working in the world of Open Source for many years, and are members of the OpenLDAP project and maintain the Asterisk real time LDAP driver, so from a technical perspective, Managing Director, Gavin Henry and his team knew what they were doing with GNU/Linux, security and infrastructure.

However, as an existing IT and Telecoms company based in Aberdeen, Scotland, they felt they needed some professional consultancy from Star2Billing to assist them to enter the new market of VoIP Telecoms at a service provider level. With their background in Open Source software, they knew they wanted to work with a true Open Source product to form their new VoIP division, SureVoIP. The A2Billing switch was the obvious choice to form the heart of their telecoms billing infrastructure.

The hardest part for SureVoIP was not the technology, but complying with the necessary legal requirements of the UK Telecom regulatory body, Ofcom, as well as ten days of SIP testing SureVoIP’s interconnect with British Telecom. We are pleased to announce that their systems passed with flying colours. SureVoIP also has an interconnect with and two other wholesale UK carriers, which allow A2billing’s LCR features to really shine.

SureVoIP also needed Credit Card integration with A2Billing. Being Open Source, SureVoIP’s chosen developers were able to integrate an Iridium Payment Gateway into A2Billing in a remarkably short space of time. SureVoIP then donated the code to A2Billing under the AGPL license for the benefit of anyone else who wishes to use Iridium, and upgrades to A2Billing are guaranteed to work with the Iridium payment gateway as Star2Billing now maintains the code. A2Billing also became PCI compliant out of this project.

“Everything we've looked to do has been met by A2billing and the advice and support from Star2Billing has been amazing. Proprietary telecom vendors really have something to learn from Open Source and Star2Billing” says Gavin Henry of Suretec Systems Ltd.