Kerry Broadband

A2Billing – A Robust Solution for WISP’s

Kerry Broadband is a major Wireless Internet Provider based in the South West of the Rebublic of Ireland, and had been providing broadband for some years.

As the rollout of ADSL expanded in the area, Kerry Broadband had to look at other value added services in order to compete with the large telecoms companies who were offering a broadband / telephony package.

They initially implemented a system based on Asterisk and an Open Source PBX GUI for Asterisk; however there was no facility to bill the customers, which is when Paul Dolan of Kerry Broadband contacted us. Within 24 hours, we built them an A2Billing switch and integrated it with the UI to allow some of the PBX features to be used in conjunction with the A2Billing features.

Kerry Broadband

Paul commented that “The ease of setting up the server was due to the remote access service provided by the Star2Billing team. Of course, when we started to use the system, we had some questions regarding various modules and this was primarily due to the lack of knowledge on our side but the Star2Billing team were always quick to respond with a simple and easy explanation.”

Kerry broadband said that they would “...recommend A2Billing to any operator wishing to offer VoIP services”, and he has done exactly that, with Star2Billing S.L. providing A2Billing software and consultancy for a number of WISP’s based in the Republic of Ireland.

The Kerry Broadband VoIP services are going from strength to strength and have now been in operation for a number of years.