A2Billing Replaces Proprietary Switch

When IPComms wanted to update and upgrade their existing telephony billing infrastructure, they contacted Star2Billing for a demonstration. Hours later the order was placed, the system installed the very next day, and training commenced.

After using and testing the system for some time, they requested some modifications to allow interoperability with Microsoft Communications Server, as well as to restrict the number of concurrent calls per customer. They paid for the development of these additions which was part sponsored by Star2Billing, as it was felt these changes would be of benefit to the wider community.

After over 2 years of using A2Billiing, they have thousands of customers registered on their system, and passing hundreds of thousands of minutes per month to their underlying carriers.

IPComms provide a variety of telecoms services off the back of their A2Billing Switch, from SIP termination to toll–free numbers, DID Fax support and number portability, and they even provide free support for asterisk to their customers.

Donald Hansil, the Managing Director of IPComms said that “Using A2Billing and Open Source Software has allowed us to build our infrastructure at high speed with low costs of ownership”.

Donald has also ordered some new development from Star2Billing to add A-Leg billing for DID resale, which allows IPComms to bill for incoming DID in real-time for their toll-free products, as well as provide income to customers who are using revenue share numbers. This development sponsored by IPComms is available to all in the current release of A2Billing

References: http://www.ipcomms.net/