System Settings

System Settings are where the different areas of the platform are setup, including the agi-conf(s) which manage the call in progress.

    • Global - System wide settings such as currency.
    • Call-Back - Call-back behaviour
    • WebcustomerUI - Configuration variables for the customer interface
    • SIP-IAX-Info - VoIP customer configuration information.
    • Epayment_method - Configure online payment gateways.
    • Signup - Sign-up related settings.
    • Backup - Backup and restore settings.
    • WebUI - WebUI and API configuration
    • Peer_friend - Default settings for auto-creation of VoIP accounts.
    • Log-files - Handles the location of the log files.
    • Agi-conf1 - The default agi-conf controlling the call in progress.
    • Notifications - Notifications configuration.
    • Dashboard - Dashboard configuration.
    • WebAgentUI - Handles the agent user interface parameters.

New agi-conf can be added as required and addressed via the asterisk dialplan. Agi-conf1 is by default set up for calling card operations. All subsequent agi-confs are copied from the agi-conf1 settings. Different agi-conf are required to provide different services, e.g. calling card or VoIP.