Subscription Service

How to use Service with Subscription

Service Subscription is a functionality that will allow you to define different product for which you want your customer to pay in order to use your service. Let's say you have a package offer with free minutes to US and that you are willing to let the user use the system only if they pay 20$ per month.

so here, a description of the steps how to achieve this :

1) Add a new subscription Service :


to add a new one, click on Add new subscription service or go to : admin/Public/A2B_entity_subscription.php?form_action=ask-add&section=13


- LABEL : "Call For Free to US"
- FEE : 20.00
- Status : Active

You have created a Subscription Service, now you can go to step 2.

2) Define Service available on Signup

You have now to define what are the Services that will be available on the Signup page : admin/Public/A2B_entity_subscriber_signup.php?section=13
You will have to create a new one : admin/Public/A2B_entity_subscriber_signup.php?form_action=ask-add&section=13


- LABEL : "Call For Free to US"
- SUBSCRIPTION OPTIONS : The Service you created at step 1
- DESCRIPTION : This is the description that will appear on your signup page / product page


3) Result

Now on the signup page, your user can select one of your service/product and they will be automatically related to it. Every month, your customer will have to 24.99 in order to stay subscribed otherwise they account will be disabled.



When an account is disable they are still able to connect on the web UI and pay for their invoice, but they aren't allow to make calls.