Import Rate Card

The rate card can be imported via a CSV file, or more accurately a Semi-colon separated file.

The rates can be produced in Excel or Microsoft Access format, then exported to a text file.

However, neither Excel or Access seem to be very good at exporting the file in the required format, so the easiest way of doing this is to create a concatenated field consisting of the import.

In Excel the format would look like :-


where each cell contained one of the elements of the import. You can then copy and paste this column into a text editor such as notepad and save it.

Finally rename the file from export.txt to just export, then it should import without difficulty.

You then select the ratecard you have previously created to import the rates into, select the trunk, and then click upload.

It will give you a sanity check to make sure that the first line is OK, then you can import the rates.

Check the rates using the ratecard simulator to make sure that the decimal places are correct, and the rates look sensible.