Package Offers

The Document explains how use the package offer system to offer free minutes or calls to your customers.


This will take you through the following steps :

Create a Package

Add Rates to the Package Offer

Configure the Call Plan



You have to create one package for each set of free minutes that you want to offer.


Go in the section "PACKAGE OFFER" -> and click on "ADD"


In this page, you can see the list of package already created and you can add a new one by clicking on the link in the upper right "Add Package".


The followings parameters have to be set :

		- label
		- package type(Unlimited calls , number of free calls , Free seconds)
		- billing type (Monthly or Weekly)
		- startday (The value will be related to billingtype . if monthly accepted value are 1-31 ; if Weekly accepted value 1-7 (Monday toSunday))
		- free units (amount of free units, in seconds,for the FREE SECONDS	mode. For NUMBER OF FREE CALLS insert the number of free calls )

Once you have created a package, you have then to edit it in order to apply the rates to it. Select all the rates to where you want to allow free minutes or calls.



You have to connect the package offer to the call plan.


Go into the section : "RATES" -> -> and click on "Call Plan"


Edit the Call Plan where you want to include free minutes or calls, and choose the package offer that you defined before.

Now for each calls on this call plan, if the call use a rate defined, the system will then apply the free minutes/calls linked to this rate.


In package system some parameters are important, those parameters are defined in the agi-conf (System settings -> group list - agi-conf)

		- Max Time For Unlimited | Calls maxtime_tounlimited_calls | 5400 | For unlimited calls, limit the duration: amount in seconds
		- Max Time For Free | Calls maxtime_tofree_calls | 5400 | For free calls, limit the duration: amount in seconds