DID Destination

Adding a Destination

The the Add Destination screen you can forward calls to other destinations.

Note that if a call goes out via a trunk, then the call will be charged at a per minute rate, assuming you have set this as your pricing model, but where a call goes out directly over VOIP, not via a trunk, there will be no per minute charge applied.


Set the destination here. It is necessary to tell A2Billing the technology being used to deliver the call, e.g. SIP/ IAX2/ ZAP/ or local/

To forward to a SIP friend on the system

In the destination type


where 123456 is the card number

e.g.  or sip/<<a2billing-account-number>> or sip/<<a2billing-account-number>>/<<did-number>>

A per minute charge will not be applied

Set Voip call = yes

To forward to an IAX friend on the system

In the destination type


where 123456 is the card number.

Optionally, you can type iax2/123456/555654321 where 555654321 is a DID on your asterisk system, and therefore will match on your inbound route for that DID.

A per minute charge will not be applied

Set Voip call = yes

Forwarding to a SIP destination

Most SIP addresses are in the form user@DomainName?.com so simply point to sip/<<did>>@domain.com

A per minute charge will not be applied

Set Voip call = yes

Forwarding to the PSTN

Simply type in the the number of divert, exactly as A2Billing expects so see it. e.g. 441179117933

The call will be charged according the to the customer's call plan as the call is going out via a trunk.

Set Voip call = no

Forwarding to a Local Extension Number

To forward a call to a local extension-


where 246 is the extension number and from-internal is the context in which the extension sits.

Set Voip call = yes

ID Card

Select the card number to be charged for this DID.

Select DID

Select the DID entered in the Add DID section


Yes / No - Switch it on or off


There are up to 5 priorities, where the call will fail over if the destination is unavailable.

The suggested use is to put a VoIP destination as priority 1, and a landline or mobile as priority 2. If the VoIP destination is unavailable, then it will try the landline.

If both are set to priority 1, then it will call both destinations simultaneously.

VoIP Call

Set VoIP Call = yes if the destination is VoIP, see the examples above.

Set VoIP call = No if the call is to go out via a trunk irrespective of whether the trunk is a VoIP trunk or not.

Confirm Data

Confirm Data to apply the settings.

Note that monthly billing will be begin on creation of the first DID destination