List SIP or IAX Friend

This screen allows the configuration of SIP and IAX friends in A2Billing.

If larger numbers of customers are to be created,then it is recommended that Asterisk Realtime be implemented. If this is the case, then there is no requirement to regenerate the config files, Additional_A2Billing_SIP.conf or Additional_A2Billing_IAX.conf, as Asterisk will read its configuration straight from the A2Billing database.

Note that A2Billing is set up for Asterisk Realtime by default, and the above files will not be created automatically, unless you set use_realtime to no in the system settings.

With A2Billing in Realtime mode, there is no requirement to reload asterisk when a new friend is added or removed, but Asterisk should be reloaded if you make a change, and rtcachefriends SIP or IAX directive is used.

The dropdown next to Configuration Type will select whether to look at the SIP or IAX friends.

Add SIP Config

The Add SIP config button provides for a adding a new sip config to attach another SIP or IAX friend to the customer account.

Multiple SIP accounts can be added to one customer, decrementing the same balance. The account code, which is the same as the A2Billing Account number should be put in the account-code field to allow customers to authenticate automatically.

Edit VoIP Settings

The edit (pencil) button allows the SIP or IAX settings to be changed. The values in this page are the same as for any installation of Asterisk, and for a more complete overview of the methods of configuring SIP or IAX friends can be found in the VoIP Info pages: -

and here:-