List Group

This menu allows to create Customer Groups. In this menu we can limit which menus are available to each group of customers and which services they can use via their personal web interfaces. The Customer group *only* deals with the services/menus available via the web interface and not via the IVR. For example, it is possible to disable to possibility of refilling an account via the web, while still is possible to use the Voucher via the IVR.

  • PASSWORD: Allow to reset your web interface password
  • SIP IAX: Shows a template with IAX/SIP configuration
  • CALL HISTORY: Displays the account call history
  • VOUCHER: Allows a customer to recharge their account using a Voucher via the web interface
  • DID: Buy DID (inward numbers) from different countries
  • SPEED DIAL: Create Speed Dial numbers
  • RATE CARD: Check the rate card or cards associated to the account
  • SIMULATOR: Simulate a call, price, minutes etc
  • CALL BACK: Call back services. Allows to trigger a call back via the web interface. When a customer A wants to call B, the customer provides both numbers A and B via the webinterface. The PBX will initiate a call to customer A and upon response the PBX will start a second leg to recipient B. Billing of both calls are associated to the same account.
  • WEB PHONE: Use a embedded softphone
  • SUPPORT: Monitor tickets and requests for support
  • NOTIFICATION: Configure the amount of credit that triggers a e-mail or voice notification
  • AUTODIALER: Configure autodialer for campaigns

In this menu we can also assign a group of Customers to an Agent.