Howto: Setup PayPal

1. System settings > Global List > show all

search for: paypal_payment_url

Enter the value:

search for: paypal_verify_url

Enter the value: ssl://

search for: PayPal? Store

Enter here your store name: e.g MyVoIp? Shop

If you make here no changes your clients will see A2Billing

If you don't want to charge the paypal fee to your customers search for: charge_paypal_fee and set the value to "Yes"

In my system I donĀ“t charge the customers. I accept payments starting from 5 EURO. If you accept 1 and 2 EURO (in the standard settings), you make your customer angry or you will get angry, when paying 1 EURO and the charge is 50%.

2. Menu > Billing > Payment methods > click to paypal view details

set the value to true and enter your paypal mail adress

Paypal website settings

Check where this file is located on your server :

Normally its in your domain/A2Billing/customer/checkout_process.php

Take the full URL from the checkout_process.php. In my case its

Login into your paypal account

click to profile > Selling Preferences > Website Payment Preferences

set the tab "Auto return" on

Return URL: Enter your URL with the checkout_process.php in my sample its:

save the settings.