Generate Vouchers

Generate vouchers allows you to generate vouchers in bulk for distribution to retail outlets or shopping websites.

For more information on vouchers and how they work, see Vouchers.

1) Chose the number of vouchers to generate

Decide how many vouchers to generate in batches of no more than 500.

2) Amount of Credit

The face value of the voucher in the desired currency in which you are selling the card

3) The Currency

The currency of the voucher - the conversion will take place at the exchange rate of the day.

4) Expiry Date

The expiry date of the voucher. It is usually a good idea to put an expiry date on the voucher to limit your liability, particularly when doing end of year accounts.

When the vouchers are generated by clicking the generate voucher button, the new ones will be listed below, and can be exported to CSV or XML, where they can be sent off for fulfillment.

Each voucher is created with a randomly generated tag number to use for tracking batches of vouchers to retailers. A separate system would have to be employed in order to track vouchers to retailers, as A2Billing does not have that functionality.