Customer Balance

The Customer's Balance screen is the main point of contact for working out how much money is owed to you.

It is recommended that all new customers set up are given zero balance. Credit can then be added to the customer via the refill button. This applies a refill to an account, but does not add a payment to the account.

When you receive the money against a refill, this is applied via the payments screen or the add payment link against the customer.

By using this method, you can keep track of customers balances and refills.

The headings, which are self-explanatory can be clicked to sort customers, balances and payments in ascending or descending order.


Shows a list of timestamped refills


Shows a list of timestamped payments

At the bottom of the page is a box containing the overview of the money situation.

Total Credit

The total amount of credit on the platform. This is your liability. You may have to pay carrier charges on this credit.

Total Refill

The total amount that has been refilled on the system.

Total Payments

The total amount of all payments received, ever.

Total to Pay

The balance outstanding across all your customers.