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Agent Creation

The purpose of Agents is to allow them to sell your products on your behalf for commission on payments received.

  1. Create an Agent in Agents, Add::Search Add Agent
  1. Supply login and password for the agent
  1. Ensure that at least one of the screens is selected in the Permission field
  1. Fill in the rest as required. Threshold Remittance must be filled in, this is the amount that the Agent must earn before he can claim payment of commission.
  1. Confirm Data

Call Plans Usable

Once the Agent is created, you need to edit the agent, and add the call-plans that he is entitled to sell. Select and add a new call-plan usable, and confirm data.

Customer Group

In order to be able to effectively see the sales of a particular agent, then his customers can be placed in one customer Group. Agents can have multiple groups attached, e.g. one for VoIP and one for Call-through services.

  1. Click Customers, Groups, Add Group.
  1. Give the Group a name, and a short description.
  1. Select the agent to which this group belongs.
  1. Select the elements on the Customer UI that you want this group of customers to see.
  1. Confirm data

Signup URL’s

Sign up URL’s are URL’s that can be placed on the agent’s web pages so that customers can sign up online with the right agent, call-plan, and belong to the appropriate group for later analysis.

  1. Select the agent who wants a signup key
  1. Chose the call-plan to sign up for
  1. Select the Customer-Group to use.
  1. Click Add URL key.
  1. If you end up with a URL key that looks like: -


Note the “localhost “ in the name, then you have not correctly configured your system settings. Go to system settings, and select Signup, Customer Interface URL, and correct URL to the customer interface.

When you have done, delete and re-create the agent signup key, it may now look something like this:-

The agent can then take that link, and any new customer signing up via that link will be placed with the assigned agent, call-plan and customer group.