The quickest way to get your telco business up and running with a stable and secure deployment, coupled with training and ongoing support, is a Managed Install from Star2Billing.

See our screenshots and demo to see the benefits that using A2Billing can offer.

Step 1 : Download

Get started by downloading and installing A2Billing on your system.

A2Billing is recommended for any telecoms company wishing to offer VoIP telephony, calling card services, and resell telephone numbers  to its customers.

Step 2 : Documentation

Please see the documentation for a guide to install.

Those with LAMP (Linux Apache MySQL PHP) Asterisk and telecoms billing skills should find the installation and operation of A2Billing uncomplicated.

Support Needed ?

Installation, training and consultancy is available from Star2billing.

You can also get support from our community through our forum, the self-help guides and documentation.